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Lest We Forget Ltd has been waiting for a final decision on our planning application for a site near Hemingford Abbot for some considerable time. The original decision was deferred at a meeting of the Huntingdonshire District Council Planning Committee on 23/5/16 when more information was requested. This having been done, the application was reconsidered when the Planning Committee met on 15/8/16. To our dismay the application was refused.

This was a total surprise to us. We had presented a very strong case and every concern had been addressed in great detail. The Huntingdonshire District Council officials had provisionally recommended approval, on the basis that any remaining local objections could be dealt with satisfactorily. Despite this, the application was refused in a close vote. The reasons for the refusal were given as:

''The applicant has failed to demonstrate ... that local residents and business will not be put at unacceptable risk from noise pollution as a result of the proposed development...''

This outcome was perverse given the recommendation to approve. The advice of the Council's legal officials stated that all objections had been handled by our reports or could be covered by setting requirements which we could manage.

This is naturally a huge disappointment, coming 10 months after this application was originally submitted and after over 3 years’ hard work to raise funds to support the project.

The LWF Ltd Board met recently and has concluded that while the project has a chance of a successful appeal, such a process will take money which we do not have and time is not in our favour.

We are now well into the Centenary of the Great War, with a dwindling period before the anniversary of the Armistice. The Board unanimously decided that it would be not be prudent to incur further expense. Even if we were to win on appeal, we would still have to raise the funds to purchase and develop the site.

This is further complicated as we now understand that the land has been sold to a third party. This fact is not yet reflected at the Land Registry, nor have we been notified by the owner, but inspection of the site reveals that it has changed hands.

The option to start again, to seek another site and submit another application has been carefully considered but the time and costs involved, plus the lack of any certainty that we could obtain such a site in any credible time frame, make the option unrealistic.

In these circumstances the Board concluded it will take immediate steps to wind up the company in an orderly manner. We greatly regret that we have had to come to this decision, but we feel that it is the only responsible course left to us.

Our thoughts are now turning to what happens once Lest We Forget Ltd. has been wound up satisfactorily – please get in touch if you are interested in our 'phoenix project' that will draw on some of the experience we have had and contacts we have made along the way.

Thank you for your interest in our project and your expressions of support – we are only sorry not to have been able turn them into a successful project on this occasion.